Growing God’s Way

Have you been there? You think you’re on the right track, but there’s that one thing that you just can’t seem to tame. You’ve asked God to help you in this area, but it seems that you just can’t break that habit. Or maybe you do break that habit and then you’re faced with something else, something you didn’t think was an issue for you. All of a sudden you’re struggling to gain control of it, asking God to again help you overcome yet another thing that you’re not proud of. It seems like a never ending cycle.

For me right now, it’s my mouth. The words I speak aren’t harsh, by man’s views and to those who know the circumstances around the spoken words, say they’re justified, but are they really? According to God’s view, they are not spoken from a forgiving and loving heart. Herein lies the problem. If I am a christian as I claim to be, why am I grumbling about other’s actions? Why am I yelling at the drivers on my commute? Why am I not showing compassion and understanding where I should be?

God has a way of pointing out the areas in our lives that don’t quite line up with his ways and his desires for us. It seems the more we learn about his character and spend more time in his word, the more his light shines in the dark corners of our souls. This is God’s truth working in our lives. If he didn’t care about the condition of our heart and soul, he wouldn’t take the time to bring these impurities to the surface.

Embrace the awkward moments of conviction when God reveals the ickiness that protrudes from within. This is God’s design. This is how he is choosing to teach you his ways and help you grow as a child of God. Don’t fight the work that God is doing in you no matter how uncomfortable it might be. Open your heart to it and continue to seek him in all areas of your life.

Remember he’s not done with you yet.

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