Imagine With Me If You Will

Can you imagine the entire Body of Christ moving throughout the earth with unified purpose and Holy Spirit power? ~ Revival, Richard Owen Roberts

What would the world look like if the entire Body of Christ was on fire for Him? What if God’s people were quick to love and abandoned all judgement? True, we were called to speak God’s truth, but we were never called to judge. We were called to be the light in the dark world, but we were never sent to condemn. Condemnation and judgement are not ours and we were not called to be the judges of this world. God called us for two purposes, to love him, and to love our neighbor.

As we open our hearts to draw into a more intimate relationship with him and seek his truths for our lives daily, he will begin to inhabit our hears and our minds. We will begin to see this lost world through his eyes. We will begin to see the people we encounter daily in a whole new light; his light of unconditional love and compassion.

Could you imagine a world where the Body of Christ smiled at the grumpy cantankerous man at the grocery store, or left enough room for the car in the other lane to move over. Could you imagine a world where forgiveness was the first reaction instead of anger and revenge. Could you imagine with me for a moment what the world would be like if we truly reflected God’s love in every aspect of our lives.

I see a beautiful world. I see a world that is just within reach of our fingertips. I see a world that could be changed for the better with simple acts of unselfishness and love.

True, genuine, authentic love is what this world needs. They don’t need out judgements or ridicules, but a love that meets them where they are. A love that walks with them through their valleys and their storms. A love that sees them and hears them. A love that is pure.

How will you reflect God’s love today?

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