Living Your Purpose Fearlessly

As a photographer, all too often, I have shied away from putting myself out there and displaying my work for the world to see. I constantly find myself comparing my work with other photographers and begin to feel that my work isn’t good enough just because it doesn’t look like their’s. Well…I’ve realized that I wasn’t created to be like anyone else. I was born into a specific family, in a specific neighborhood, went to a specific church, and had specific encounters with specific people. All of this has made me who I am, and only I can see the world through my eyes.

As we step out into our dreams and pursue our purpose, too often we hesitate and fear so easily consumes us. Fear of what others may think. Fear that we might not be good enough. Fear of failure. Sometimes this fear can grab ahold of us so tightly that we give up before we ever started…after all it is easier to dream than actually bring that dream to fruition. We think we’re not qualified enough and wonder who in their right mind would ever listen to us or need what we have to offer.

Well my friend I’m here to tell you that you are the only one who can offer what you have, the way you do. There is someone out there who needs what you have to offer. You are the only one who can see life the way you do. You are the only one who can communicate either through writing, singing, art, or service, the way you do. There is someone out there who, if they don’t hear it from you, or see it through your art, would probably never understand. You might just be the lightbulb that someone needs in their life.

So, I encourage you friend to step out and do you, the very best you can. Don’t focus on what others may say or think. Most negativity comes from people who wish they had the guts you have to pursue their own dreams. Don’t let other people’s negativity keep you from doing what you were created to do. Live your purpose fearlessly, or, as you may find yourself doing, step out looking fear straight in the face.

Until next time…

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