It’s Where You Are

Are you content with where you are? Are you happy how your life has turned out so far? Or are you constantly looking for the next big thing. Waiting for the big promotion to happen. Waiting for the next relationship hoping he’s the one. You just know once those things happen you’ll be happy and content, right?

Don’t feed into the urge to constantly want whats on the other side of the fence, or just around the corner. Although, it’s good to dream and take steps to fulfill those dreams, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the journey along the way.

There’s a purpose for you being where you are today. Maybe there’s a lesson you need to learn through this season’s challenges. Or, maybe there is something you need to go through in order to bless someone else down the road. Maybe this is your time of prepping for something bigger, or maybe your time of relaxation before things start to get chaotic. Or, this might just be the storm you need to enjoy the season of peace coming your way.

Whatever the reason is for your “now”, stop and take it in, the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything else. If you pass through this season of life, you might miss out on some precious moments with your kids, your parents, your spouse, or your friends. You might also rush by the opportunity of making new, lasting friendships.

So, I encourage you to bloom where you are. Don’t stop dreaming big, but just enjoy your journey. This is the only journey you get and there are no repeats. Live the dream, but don’t let the dream live you.

Until next time…


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