They Will Notice

She asked me if I had gone to a certain elementary school. I said, “yes”.

She asked is your name…I said “yes”.

She said we went to school together….

I was on a mission to get the holiday cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning, I wasn’t expecting for someone to recognize me from elementary school. I was in college at the time, how could someone from so long ago remember me? I thought for sure that we must have had some encounter during those younger years for her to not just think I look familiar, but to call me by name.

The moment I got home I tore through my year books trying to find this girl. There she was. Not only did we not have the same class, we weren’t even in the same grade. In fact, unless she missed every picture day in the years before and after, we only went to the same school for that one year.

This encounter made me realize that people notice us. I never asked this girl why I stood out to her and how she could remember me from such a long time ago. I can only hope that it was because of something good.

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in life, doing our own thing, thinking that nobody’s watching. It only takes people a split second to make a judgement about us. I’m not saying that we should care what people think about us, because we shouldn’t. I am just saying that we only have a split second to either leave someone inspired, or with a bad taste in their mouth.

I hope this girl remembered me because I was an inspiration to her, or gave her some encouragement when she needed it. I hope I wasn’t mean to her or someone she knew, or acted a certain way that made her take note that I wasn’t a person she wanted to be around.

The way we live is noticed by those around us. How we live out our faith. The way we love or don’t love certain people. The way we talk to people or about people. People are watching and those of us that claim to be Christians seem to be watched a little closer. We will never be perfect, but it is how we handle our falls and our imperfect moments that will outshine the slip-ups we do have.

I encourage you to live a life of inspiration and encouragement. Yes you will fail at times, but handled with honesty and grace, it could prove to be more encouraging to the viewer than if you hadn’t failed at all.

Have you ever had someone remember you from a long time ago that you don’t remember having any encounter with?

Until next time…

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