How’s Your Love Life?

Ok, so I’m not going to get that personal, but how is your love life? Are you a walking bundle of encouragement or are you running a little cold? Are your words uplifting, or are they cutting a little too deep?

It’s not easy to love everyone. It’s rather difficult to love the driver that cuts you off. It’s not easy to love the boss or coworker who belittles you and is harsh to you. It’s not easy loving the neighbor who is more confrontational than friendly, but did you know that we’re called to love these people? In fact this is when love is truly lived out.

It’s easy for us to love those that we get a long with, those that we live with, those who love us, but the Bible says that even criminals love their family and friends. Love is truly put to the test when we choose to love someone who is less than deserving. Someone who seems to care less if we loved them or not. These are the people who need love the most.

How you love others is a display of the condition of your heart. When you are able to love someone in spite of what they do, what they say, and how they treat you and others, you are displaying a heart that is full of love and joy. You’re displaying a heart that knows love, true, unconditional love. It is only when you experience this kind of love in your life that you can see its value and it just pours from within you.

Loving others really shouldn’t be this difficult. In fact, I think it takes more energy and effort to hate than it does to love. When you extend an act of love to someone, deserving or not, it makes you feel good. I believe that even the person you love on, even though they may just laugh in your face, or pretend they don’t care, with each act of love you bring life to their heart, even if it is just a little piece of their heart. Could you imagine what their heart would be like if you continued, without fail, to do little acts of love. I think you would eventually see a person changing right before your eyes.

Most of these people who we find difficult to love are hurting or have never experienced true unconditional love first hand. Why not be their first experience with this kind of love?

I would like to hear from you. Leave a comment and let me know one simple act of kindness you’ve done.

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