We Have Not and Will Not Forget

As I sit here praying about what to write tonight my thoughts and prayers are being lifted up to the families that are hurting tonight. I only find it fitting that today’s post be a little prayer for the families, friends, and loved ones who are remembering their grandparents, parents, children, aunts, uncles, friends, and loved ones to the attacks we suffered on this day. Years may have passed, but we will never forget.

Lord, you are the God who sees us. You see our tears, You know our pain. I pray for those who are hurting today. I ask that you would bring comfort to them tonight. That you would wrap your arms around each one so that they would feel your presence and know that they are not alone.

I pray for the mom’s and dad’s who are going it alone because their helper and life partner were taken away from them so suddenly. I ask that you would meet them right where they’re at. Give them peace tonight. Lord continue to give them the strength that they need to carry on and be there for their families. Lord, my heart aches for the parents who lost children way too early. God, I ask that you would just hold them.

Lord, be with the kids who are left to grow up without their parent there. You are our heavenly father and I ask that you would step in and be that parent in their life. I pray that you would wrap them up in your love and that they would be comforted tonight. 

I thank you Lord for the rescuers who gave their lives to save people they didn’t even know. I lift up to you the rescuers who are still with us today. Lord, I know that today cannot be easy for them and I ask that you would give them peace and comfort tonight.

And Lord, for the rest who lost someone on that day and even those who were and still are shaken by the events, I pray that you would hold them tighter tonight.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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