Refining Grace: The Beginning

This was not something  I had planned or ever thought I would be doing. I don’t find myself to be a very good writer, so when I felt God’s prompting on my heart to start taking on the task of a blog, I wasn’t sure. Of course the devil wasn’t too far behind telling me all the reason’s why I couldn’t and shouldn’t do this. It’s funny how quick he’s able to get into our heads and read us the long list of reasons why we aren’t good enough. This time he didn’t get very far.

The day this was put on my heart I was very excited, but fearful at the same time. I prayed that God would give me confirmation that this was truly from him. I didn’t want to step out on this adventure on my own. The very next day, God gave me that confirmation.

My husband and I were meeting with another couple for dinner and out of the blue during dinner my friend proceeded to ask me if I had every thought about starting a blog. I was speechless. In awe. God had actually listened to me and was confirming this so quickly. It was an overwhelming moment that brought me to tears. To me it wasn’t just confirmation that this was what God was asking of me, but it displayed something to me that I had never experienced on this level. God’s answering of prayer. In the moment it made my relationship with him so real, more real than I had every experienced. Up to this point I hadn’t told anyone about the blog idea, not even my husband.

It was all I needed to move forward and here we are now. Refining Grace. I had asked God to help me think of the title and in one of my daily readings I came across the word “Refined”. It struck a cord with me and I knew that had to be it, but that can’t possible be the only word in the title…could it? I continued to ask God to help me with a title. And then it came…”Grace”. I played with the words and different possible titles and that is where Refining Grace took flight.

It is a perfect title for the direction and purpose God has for this blog. I feel he is wanting to use this as a platform to bring encouragement to women. A place for women to come engage in conversation with other women. Become inspired, encouraged, and motivated. I pray that these words I type will speak to you and even if this blog is just so God can reach one woman who needs to hear that he loves her and is always with her, then I will count it all worth it.

If you don’t know Jesus as your personal savior, don’t click away just yet. I might post some things that trigger a cord with you, but I promise that I will never come at you with judgement or preaching. I am by no means different from you. I am a sinner and I have no authority to judge anyone. I have only been called to love and that my friend is what I hope you find in my words.

Please feel free, as I continue to write, to leave comments and engage. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving a public comment, you are more than welcome to reach out to me personally here. I look forward to what God has in store for you.

Until next time.


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